With Primary Care | For Primary Care
Healthcare as it should be

With Primary Care is an idea that highlights what care can look like when doctors have the freedom and support they need to do right by their patients and their communities. 

From saving lives and jobs through the COVID-19 pandemic, to providing next-level care for people of all backgrounds and incomes, to serving as an anchor in their communities, these doctors will give you a glimpse into the dedication and commitment that inspire us every day at Aledade to stand with primary care, for primary care.

A Safe Port in the Storm

Dr. Marc Mayer was running a fast-growing, mult-specialty practice started 60 years ago by his dad. Then COVID-19 hit his New Jersey suburb, putting lives and livelihoods on the line.

Treating Everyone the Same

In West Memphis, Arkansas, Dr. Susan Ward-Jones embodies the life-saving mission of a community health center, caring equally and passionately for every patient who walks through the door.

Calling His Own Shots

After medical school, Dr. Dino Beckett returned home to the small mining town of Williamson, West Virginia, to take care of the community he loves – the way he knows best.

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