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Why You Should Join an ACO with Primary Care First and Considerations for CPC+ Practices

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The first cohort of Primary Care First (PCF) practices is slated to begin participation on January 1, 2021. At Aledade, we believe that practices participating in PCF should also join an MSSP ACO and get rewarded twice for doing the same work. Our Aledade ACOs are focused on providing better primary care, improving quality, and preventing ED and hospital visits- all central components of PCF. The second half of this webinar will be geared towards practices currently in CPC+ who are considering participating in PCF for 2022. Join Aledade’s Senior Vice President of Policy, Travis Broome, and Policy Analyst Britainy Barnes, to learn more about Primary Care First and how to prepare for success in value-based care.


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Learning Objectives:
  • Learn how Primary Care First is structured
  • Understand how MSSP complements PCF
  • Learn about special considerations to keep in mind if you're a CPC+ practice considering transitioning to PCF