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What Independent Practices Are Saying About Aledade
Messages from Primary Care Heroes
Dr. Paul Sovran
Kissimmee, FL
Dr. Katelin Haley
Family Physician
Lewes, DE
Dr. Arthur Apolinario
Family Physician
Clinton, NC
Dr. Scott Winston
Sheridan, AR
Dr. Jennifer Aloff
Family Physician
Midland, MI
Dr. John Scheitler
Gastonia, NC
Dr. Danny Butler
Paducah, KY
Dr. Jonathan Lilly
Family Physician
Dunbar, WV
Dr. Jock Cobb
North Little Rock, AR

"I feel very supported and surrounded by very competent people with Aledade. It was great hearing from Farzad and getting his take considering his extensive public health experience. We are comforted knowing that the Aledade leadership team is very connected from their past lives and can network well to make things happen quickly in times of need!"

Robin Crouch
Business Manager, Crouch Family Medicine
Chandler, OK

"I don’t know where my practice would be without the “navigational” support of the Aledade ACO and it’s outstanding team members- even before this current crisis. I love being a Family Doctor on the “front line”, I am thrilled that I am empowered with what Aledade provides me in order to actually make a difference for my patients. It’s like I have said to our local ACO since 2015. There is strength in numbers and no one of us is as smart as all of us together. With that being said, you my friends, enable practices, not only with tools and your staff, but excellent leadership. I am just trying to give back to which I have been so richly blessed."

Dr. Jonathan Lilly
Physician, Dunbar Medical Associates
Dunbar, WV

"Our Family appreciates Aledade with a deep sense of gratitude, for your continued immeasurable support. Thank you so much for the 3 quarts of Hand Sanitizer liquid. It has already been put to use to refill some our the employees personal small hand sanitizer atomizers. We appreciate all of you. Please make sure all who have made this possible are aware of our gratitude for everything! Stay well!!"

Renee Backer CCRC
Practice Administrator, Green & Seidner Family Practice Associates
Lansdale, PA

"This is a heartfelt thanks for the Covid-19 advice at our Board Meeting this week, and for the supplies you all are shipping to us. For the past few weeks I have had scant useful advice or support from local resources You guys really came through. In our area a number of local primary care providers have shut their doors, and some walk-ins have made it very difficult for a patient to be seen. People in the community are looking to us for advice and evaluations they would normally get elsewhere. Calls to the CDC, local health department, and local hospital systems have been mostly unhelpful - none of them seem to have much idea of what should be done at the primary care level to address the COVID-19 situation. Our medical vendors and labs have not been able to get us the CDC recommended equipment and supplies. Your efforts will be a significant help to all of our patients and staff."

Dr. Michael Cascarina
Physician, Our Family Practice
Brick, NJ

"We are doing tele-site visits with you all the time. Aledade has good communication. Right now I can see all of our providers are working with an intensity that is up to the challenge, which is awesome and worrisome. I am working on coming up with some strategies we can use for the long-term. It appears this will be months not weeks for practices. We need to find a pace and a method for keeping our providers healthy and not worked to a nub over the next several weeks. I appreciate the flow of information from Aledade. With things changing hourly, and supplies running short, Aledade is a resource for us – and it feels like a safety net for us as an independent practice. So thank you!"

Kathy Severa
Practice Administrator, Family Medical Associates
Lawrence, KS

"Please tell everyone at Aledade that we at South Jersey Family Medicine are very appreciative of your support and leadership at a stressful time as we are living today. Because of your support, influx of $ like this program, our transition quickly to telemedicine and flexibility in hours of operation, the ability to minimize in person traffic at the office and other social distancing measures, etc., I am confident that we will be able to continue to address the needs of our patients, employees and families alike. Thru Phreesia we are sending out an “announcement” every 2 days to educate, update, support and include our patients in the process. And because of all of the above factors we have opened our doors to members of the community who are unable to reach their regular providers during the pandemic. Again we are able to do this in no small part due to your leadership and support. From the bottom of my heart….Thank you”

Dr. Michael Rogers
Physician, South Jersey Family Medicine
West Deptford, NJ

"I can't imagine what this would be like if we didn't have a partner like Aledade. Thinking about all of those small clinics that don't have Aledade - I don't know how they are making it. We are so thankful for all of the help and support y'all are giving us. I don't know what would happen without you."

Heidi Bockholt
Office Administrator, Dr. Zaidi and Associates
Ripley, TN

"We would not have been able to respond so quickly without the support from Aledade. I cannot thank you enough. Between the telehealth app and these supplies my heart is flooded with gratitude and thanksgiving."

Shay Scott
Chief Executive Officer, Henrietta Johnson Medical Center
Wilmington, DE

"LMG Family Practice wanted to thank Aledade for all the help you have provided us so that we could continue to give high-quality care to our patients. We really appreciate the vast amount of resources and advice you have provided us, along with the telehealth subscription to Updox and PPE distribution. we have been ensuring everyone at LMG is staying up to date on all the changes occurring by having daily COVID-19 morning huddles. We took a little video this morning to say thank you! Please let us know if there is anything we an do to help as well." 

Torey Felton, MSN, RN
Clinical Manager, LMG Family Practice
Landsdale, PA