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Discover the all-in-one solution for virtual primary care delivery.

View your patients' current diagnoses, clinical risks, and health care utilization patterns simultaneously on the same screen used to conduct your virtual Telehealth visits.

aledade app with telehealth

Learn how the Aledade App can provide actionable patient insights for physicians, nurses, care managers, billing staff, and executives all while streamlining virtual and in-person care management for your primary care practice.

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Key Features of Aledade App
Actionable Data

The Aledade App was built to house and integrate a variety of 3rd party data, including EHR, hospital, and pharmacy data, as well as ADT feeds, specialist utilization, risk coding history, and more! By increasing visibility into a patient's full medical history, providers can better understand their needs. 

Integrated Telehealth

COVID-19 highlighted the need for hybrid workflows. That is, being able to treat patients in person and via telehealth services. We're excited to announce that the Aledade App now comes with fully integrated telehealth services at no extra charge. This all-in-one interface provides critical patient information at the point of care. 

Simplified Workflows

ACOs are held to high standards of patient care and responsible spending.  Administrative efficiency, clinical quality, and coordination throughout the practice are key for continuous improvement. The Aledade App makes it easier for entire care teams to collaborate without duplicating effort or letting important tasks slip by.

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