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Protect Your Practice From Financial Uncertainty Amid Fallout From COVID-19

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Joint Chapter Webinar with Aledade and MGMA

COVID-19 is taking an enormous toll on primary care practices, many of which are struggling with the financial implications of the pandemic. At the beginning of the pandemic, federal and state authorities offered relief plans and stimulus programs to support healthcare organizations, which made it difficult for providers to track eligibility requirements and the availability of funds amid sudden shifts in policy. Combined with shifting fee-for-service reimbursement policies on telehealth and new safety needs, the first few months were a storm of change.

Join Angie Walker to hear her experience in navigating these first few months for Dr. Randy Walker Family Practice and Allergy Clinic. Aledade's VP of Policy, Travis Broome, will join Angie to explore the most up-to-date information about COVID-19 relief policies.

Learning Objectives:

Identify COVID-19 relief efforts, such as accelerated payments, loans, the Paycheck Protection Program and provider relief funding

Interpret lessons from the first months of the pandemic for a framework to manage change in the future

Recognize how value-based care offers a promising path forward for practices concerned about financial sustainability