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Primary Care Advocacy

Primary care physicians all across the country are working overtime to care for their communities and keep their patients and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. These practices are essential for maintaining population health and should not have to spend time navigating bureaucratic red tape to get the financial assistance they need to stay open. Our team at Aledade is committed to advocating for the protection of these independent primary care practices. 

Check out the stories of practices across the country, find the latest policy and advocacy updates, and make an immediate impact by calling on Congress to support primary care.

Take Action Today
Take Action Today

It's time for Congress to protect primary care. 

Join us in calling on Congress to ensure that future financial support for primary care is streamlined and simple, and that it can't be used to buy up independent practices, so our primary care heroes can focus on the fight against COVID-19.

Discussing Primary Care Advocacy in the Media
HLTH Matters: A Discussion about COVID-19's Effect on Primary Care
The Changing Landscape of Primary Care
Briefing for Legislators, Congressional Staff and HHS Staff on the Importance of Protecting Primary Care
Helpful Resources

Primary Care Marshall Plan

Primary care practices across the country need our support right now. Public and private payers can start with accelerated payments across all payers, and a commitment to keep moving away from fee-for-service. Read the new Primary Care Marshall Plan, from Aledade CEO Farzad Mostashari and others.

Accelerate CPC+ Payments

This past weekend, CMS announced accelerated fee for service payments for Medicare. For the many practices that are already moving beyond fee for service and are in CPC+, we are calling on CMMI to accelerate CPC+ payments as well. Click here to read the letter

Stabilizing Provider Revenue During COVID-19

Aledade and other organizations are urging the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) to immediately begin making periodic interim payments to healthcare providers to help stem the tide of financial difficulties for practices during COVID-19. Click here to read the letter