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In 2019, 5,800+ physicians and advanced practice providers across the country partnered with Aledade to keep 330,000+ Medicare beneficiaries healthier. According to internal projections, 17 out of 27 Aledade ACOs, representing 260,000+ Medicare beneficiaries, will exceed what is known as the minimum shared savings rate, and share in the savings they created. Aledade will distribute a projected total of $40M+ in shared savings back to our partnering providers for their positive 2019 performance. Since its founding, Aledade has reduced health care costs by $360 million.

*Past performance may not be indicative of future results. 

Aledade by the Numbers
Key Statistics

Results matter. Aledade achieves them. Our work with practices has produced clinical and financial benefits while helping independent primary care practices better serve the communities they care about.*


Lives under management (LUM) across all value-based care arrangements


Value-based care arrangements


States with participating practices and health centers


Participating health care providers


Participating practices and health centers


Average reduction in hospitalizations during MSSP performance year 2018


Average reduction in skilled nursing facility utilization during MSSP performance year 2018


Percentage of participating practices that received or will receive the MIPS exceptional quality bonus payment in 2018 and 2019


Per practice average increase in Medicare FFS revenue over three years with Aledade


Percentage of Aledade MSSP ACOs that received a perfect MIPS score for performance year 2018

$47+ Million

New value-based care revenue earned by participating practices and health centers since 2014

Success Stories from Our Partners

Managing patients proactively is a key component of success with value-based care. Stonecreek Family Physicians in Manhattan, KS combined Aledade’s data with real-world clinical experience, dramatically improving their ability to connect complex patients with the multifaceted care they need. 

Download this case study to learn more about how this initiative helped them earn shared savings and improve quality for patients.

Dr. Danny Butler’s first attempt at joining a local accountable care organization (ACO) was not successful. Poor communication and minimal transparency left this large practice on its own with benchmarking, risk coding and prioritizing patients for outreach and management. When the ACO dissolved, purchased by a local hospital, Dr. Butler knew he had to try again. But this time, he would get access to more support and better data from Aledade.

Read more about Dr. Butler’s success with Aledade here.

*Past performance may not be indicative of future results.

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