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Policy News of the Day

by Aledade

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought swift change to the healthcare industry. Aledade has been closely following all the different program changes and stimulus funding that has been happening over the last month.

We recognize there is so much to keep up with, so as part of our commitment to help you during these times, we will be providing daily policy updates so that you can better focus on providing the best level of care possible.  

Check back daily to download the latest slide deck with the most up to date content.

Top News from June 11, 2020

1. Primary Care First Updates

  • Applications are currently being reviewed; expect a response in summer
  • Seriously Ill Population component delayed by 3 months to start April 1, 2020


2. Health Center Training and Technical Assistance Funding

  • $8 million awarded to Primary Care Associations (PCAs) and National Training and Technical Assistance Partners (NTTAP)
  • For use to enhance COVID-19 training


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