The Aledade Commitment

Success in value-based care starts with a mission-driven focus on what’s good for patients, good for practices and good for society.

Empowering primary care to succeed in value-based care models creates healthier patients and communities, at lower cost for all. As a public benefit corporation, our mission to reinvent health care is at the center of every business decision we make. 

When you join our mission and model, we offer:


• Protect your role as the leader of your patients' care

• Advocate and prepare for policy change

• Give you a voice in your physician-led ACO


• Translate big data about your patients into useful information

• Deliver products that complement your systems, clinicians and payer relationships

• Include extra resources to help patients make more informed, healthier choices


• Only make money if you do

• Do not charge hidden fees

• Offer options to immediately improve cash flow

• Provide 100% protection from financial downside risk and safeguard your ACO's performance

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