New Jersey 2018 ACO
ACO Executive Director

Aledade Accountable Care 25, LLC
4550 Montgomery Ave, Ste 950
Bethesda, MD 20814

  • Woodbridge Medical Associates, PA
  • Avenel Iselin Medical Group PA
  • Vanguard Medical Group PA
  • Our Family Practice
  • Happy Healthy You Family Medicine, PC
  • Cascarina, Michael, Voting Member, 2, ACO Participant Representative, Our Family Practice
  • Mayer, Marc, Voting Member, 2, ACO Participant Representative, AVENEL ISELIN MEDICAL GROUP PA
  • McCarrick, Tom, Voting Member, 2, Participant Representative, Vanguard Medical Group PA
  • Palmer, Josette, Voting Member, 2, ACO Participant Representative, HAPPY HEALTHY YOU FAMILY MEDICINE, PC
  • Grecco, Lillian, Voting Member, 2, ACO Participant Representative, WOODBRIDGE MEDICAL ASSOCIATES,P.A.
  • Mayer, Arlene, Voting Member, 1, Medicare Beneficiary Representative, N/A
  • Luebcke, Jennifer, Voting Member and Chair, 1, ACO Executive, Aledade, Inc.
  • ACO Executive: Ms. Jennifer Luebcke
  • Medical Director: Dr. Thomas McCarrick
  • Compliance Officer: Ms. Sarah Chasson
  • Quality Assurance/Improvement Officer: Dr. Emily Maxson
  • Compliance Committee: Dr. Peter Carrazzone
  • Clinical Guidance Committee: Dr. Josette Palmer
  • A network of individual practices of ACO professionals
  • To be completed after the conclusion of the performance year

N/A - Reinvest in infrastructure

N/A - Invested in redesigned care processes/resources

N/A - Distribution to ACO Participants

100% - Primary Care Professionals

N/A - Specialists

N/A - Hospital

Payment Rule Waivers

No, our ACO does not utilize the SNF 3-Day Rule Waiver