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New and Enhanced Priorities for ACO Work in the Age of COVID-19

Webinar Recording

Joint Chapter Webinar with Aledade and MGMA

As COVID-19 continues to place tremendous strain on healthcare providers, primary care practices will need to quickly deploy new technologies and techniques that will support the delivery of high-quality care while helping practices maintain financial sustainability. As primary care practices deal with the challenges of telehealth optimization and population management during a global pandemic, they need the tools and strategic vision to incorporate those programs into their existing foundations of coordinated, value-driven care.

In this session, Aledade Chief Medical Officer Emily Maxson and practicing family physician and Regional Medical Director Jen Brull will explain why value-based care is critical for success in this difficult time and identify a roadmap of top priorities for ACOs as they navigate through the COVID-19 era.

Learning Objectives:

Explain how accountable care organizations can help primary care practices thrive in challenging clinical and financial environments

Identify a telehealth strategy that prioritizes transitional care management and wellness-at-home visits

Describe outreach strategies to improve medication adherence and chronic disease management for vulnerable patients