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Making Telehealth and In-Person Care Work for Primary Care Long-Term

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Aledade is committed to helping primary care practices best serve their patient population by offering hybrid patient-care, whether it be in-person or telehealth, long-term. Please join us to review sustainable in-person and virtual care practices to help your practice optimize visit workflows and increase patient engagement. 

Please join our speakers.

  • Dr. Sarah Mullins, Stoney Batter Creek Physicians
  • Dr. Ryan Knopp, Stonecreek Family Physicians
  • Dr. Ryan Frazine, Advanced Internal Medicine

This webinar is moderated by Dr. Jen Brull of Post-Rock Family Medicine. 

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Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the long-term value of practicing hybrid patient-care leveraging in-person, telehealth, and phone visits now and in the future
  • Uncover workflow tips on how to increase patient visit volume, prioritizing most at-risk patients first
  • Learn ways to incorporate telehealth best practices for Value-Based Care success