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Investing in Care Management Brings Shared Savings, Improved Care Quality

by Aledade

At Stonecreek Family Physicians in Kansas, a rocky EHR replacement, skepticism about value-based care, and prior disappointments with participation in an accountable care organization (ACO) could have forced this 10-physician practice to close its doors.

But strong commitment from staff members, a willingness to invest in new ideas, and partnering with Aledade brought a new focus on care management as a way to boost care quality and earn shared savings that kept this family practice afloat.

With support and guidance from Aledade, practice leaders at Stonecreek decided to hire a dedicated care manager to spearhead the expanded programming.

“All day, every day we work with patients with chronic conditions who are in need of chronic care management,” said Marian Darnell, RN, Stonecreek’s care management leader. “Care coordination must invest in creating smooth collaborative relationships with resources outside their practice so patients can get support that will make it more likely for them to remain compliant and see improvements.”

“We do find that patients become more engaged after we start working with them, even if we just let them know that we’re available if they need us. We’ll give them a phone number to call, and it can really turn opinions around when they get an answer and get help quickly after calling us.”

To learn more about how Stonecreek developed their care management program and achieved commercial shared savings, download our case study by clicking here.