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How Accountable Care Organizations Offer Opportunities for Community Health Centers

by Aledade

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Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are designed to reward healthcare providers for exactly the type of comprehensive, proactive care that community health centers (CHCs) already excel at delivering.

By aligning goals and incentives for CHCs, Aledade's ACOs put these vital care providers on the trajectory for long-term, sustainable shared savings with Medicare and a growing list of other payers. 

Join Sara Coates, Aledade FQHC Strategy and Success Manager, and Kristie Bennardi, CEO of Keystone Rural Health, to find out why an ACO might be right for your health center and how to take the next steps toward success.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand how accountable care aligns with work that CHCs have been doing for decades
  • Learn what it takes to conduct successful value-based care workflows, including integrating disciplines in practice, and establishing strategies for access to care and patient outreach
  • Hear a success story from an Aledade partner practice that has transformed workflows to adopt Aledade initiatives and provide exceptional care to its community