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Often when people hear policy, they think of all of the compliance issues ACOs must ensure they are following. Compliance is important, but policy at Aledade is also about analysis and advocacy. The policy team is here to analyze any relevant rules, regulations, and legislation that impacts physician-led ACOs -- and ultimately advocate for outcomes that work best for our practices

Tangible Outcomes

Advocating for Physician Fee Schedule improvement in benchmark calculations for MSSP ACOs, including areas around risk score caps, the rural glitch, and quality measurement.


The “rural glitch” is where an ACO reduces the region's annual inflation which ultimately reduces savings for all ACOs, and creates disparate payments between ACOs, even if they have identical performance.

Showed CMS that Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) notices improve health and save money through compiling data and research, and broad advocacy. In March 2020, CMS included ADT notices as a condition of participation with Medicare under Medical Record services.  

Regional benchmarking gives a more accurate picture of the savings ACOs provide to Medicare, and rewards ACOs that do a better job of controlling costs than their neighbors.

We get “in the weeds” to comment and influence the rules and regs so you don’t have to….and more broadly, we use real-world data and outcomes from the practices we work with to promote primary care, value-based care, and we advocate for and show the value of independent practices

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Published Articles
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State-Level Support Spotlight
State-Level Support Spotlight

Featured State: Arkansas

The Independent Physicians Policy Committee (IPPC) operates as a Board-governed committee under the LLCs for the two Arkansas Aledade Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). This committee was created in the fall of 2019 and was formed in response to a consensus opinion among representatives of independent, physician-owned primary care clinics that their perspectives were not represented in state-level, healthcare-related leadership discussions that tend to be dominated by the clinically integrated networks in the state.