We believe primary care doctors are the foundation of an efficient and effective health system.

In the Aledade model, primary care physicians are back where they should be: quarterbacking their patients’ health care – while maintaining the independence that makes their practices unique and trusted. The Aledade team strives every day to help doctors focus on what’s best for their patients- not paperwork and bureaucracy. Most importantly, we believe in a simple but radical idea that Aledade only succeeds when our partner practices succeed in delivering better care at lower cost. Doctors are our true partners.

Why Primary Care Practices Should Join Aledade

The Aledade Model Offers Your Practice:

Unparalleled Regulatory Expertise To Help You Succeed Now And In The Future
Aledade’s team has been on the forefront of health care policy and technology innovation for the past two decades. We are recognized leaders in the field, having helped develop current value based care and risk-based programs. Our team is continuously analyzing the value-based care landscape and future potential programs to ensure both Aledade and our practice partners are positioned for success.

Greater Visibility Outside Of The Four Walls Of Your Practice.
Aledade’s technology provides big picture insight on where and when patients receive care outside of their primary care practice, so primary care physicians can understand their patients’ full spectrum of care.

Face-To-Face Practice Transformation Support
Aledade’s locally-based staff and partner organizations work directly with practices to help improve workflows, optimize Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, and provide training and best practices to help physicians succeed in value based programs.

Aledade’s Proprietary Data Analytics And User-Friendly Technology
Aledade’s technology automatically pulls data from practices’ EHR systems, hospitals, health information exchanges and Medicare, giving physicians a wealth of new information and insight into their patient populations.

Best Practices Shared By Our National Network Of Hundreds Of Doctors
Aledade’s growing network of more than 200 partner practices in 15 states collaborates and shares learnings on issues facing primary care physicians across the nation.

Practice Investment

To ensure that all of our partner practices are committed and actively working to support the goals of the ACO, participating practices invest in a monthly membership fee. For our Medicare Shared Savings Program ACOs, the fee is $1 per attributed Medicare beneficiary, with total monthly investment amounts starting at $500. The investment begins in January of the ACO program year, after an initial introduction and planning phase provided at no cost to the practice.

As part of the ACO model, participating practices also agree to attend monthly board meetings focused on tracking progress and identifying new opportunities in quality and savings. A representative from each practice will also participate in joint workgroups to translate new opportunities into meaningful actions at the physician level.

Commitment to Change:
Aledade’s ACOs are comprised of physicians that embrace the mission of providing high quality, affordable care for their patients. To achieve success in quality and savings, participating practices commit to partnering with peers and experts and leading the change to better patient care.

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At a Glance

What Does Value Based Care Mean For You?

The Aledade Difference on Pricing

What partner practices are saying about Aledade.

Dr. Bryson R. McHardy

Hannibal, Missouri

Our practice has been working with Aledade to form our new ACO and we are impressed with the knowledge and resources they are providing to help us transform our practice. We already are seeing benefits for our patients, improvements in the care we provide, as well as increases in our practice revenue.

Dr. Cayle Goertzen

Belleville, KS

Before joining the Aledade Kansas ACO, I felt like I was just a lone provider, battling insurance companies on my own. Now, I feel like I’m really part of something that has some weight and will help my practice succeed.

Timothy Rodgers

Gateway Medical Associates

Gateway Medical Associates has long been committed to integrating best practices and innovative technology to enable the best possible care for our patients – and partnering with Aledade to form an ACO is the next step.

Dr. John Berneike

St. Mark’s Family Medicine Residency

It’s clear we need a new model in health care, one that shifts the emphasis from the mere provision of healthcare, to an emphasis on health and on the outcomes of healthcare. We joined Aledade because it is a based specifically on primary care practices, which should be the foundation of this new healthcare model.

Dr. Mark Ostahowski

Midland Family Physicians, PC

Our decision to join an ACO was driven by the opportunity to take our game to the next level and beyond. With Aledade, we get the experience, know-how and backing to get there.

Dr. Shawn Purifoy

Malvern, AR

I joined an ACO as a solo practitioner in order to prepare and educate myself for the coming changes in Healthcare. I was impressed with Aledade’s commitment to putting physicians first in regard to the direction and focus of the ACO. I have not been disappointed. Change in the delivery and management of healthcare is coming for all physicians, whether we like it or not. A well managed ACO can become a powerful ally for physicians as they adjust to these changes, learn new ways to provide better outcomes for their patients, and retain their autonomy.

John Cappleman, MD

Winter Garden, FL

All entities I have encountered, no matter how sophisticated, are  struggling with the “newness and uncertainties” of the ACO concept.  However, Aledade is head and shoulders above the rest.

Dr. Gerald DiMaso

Staten Island, NY

With Aledade’s tools and resources, I am better able to identify high risk patients and the strategies necessary to effectively manage my patient population.

Dr. William Funk

Newark, DE

Aledade’s technology alerts me when my patients are seen in the ED or hospital. That information is invaluable in ensuring those patients get the follow up care they need to stay healthy and avoid readmissions. With this information at my finger¬tips, I finally know what’s happening outside of the four walls of my office, and that’s incredibly powerful.

Dr. Holly Dahlman

Lutherville, MD

Aledade has tools to help us identify who our high-risk patients are, and that will help us to focus our energy on the patients who need us the most.

Dr. Jennifer Brull

Plainville, KS

Our ACO rewards doctors for keeping their patients healthy – which is what we want to do in the first place.

Is Your Practice Interested In Learning More?

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