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Here’s why thousands of providers trust the Aledade App to improve outcomes:

  • Integrated EHR, Hospital & Pharmacy Data to better understand patients 
  • Optimized Workflows to reduce admin burden and reach high-risk patients
  • Cost-Saving Tools to generate and increase shared savings revenue
  • Patient Risk Suggestions & Insights to manage care more effectively



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What Our Practices Say About the Aledade App
South Lake Primary store front

"The Aledade Platform is powerful and really easy to understand and use. Important information about our patient population that we've never had before is now just one click away."

Caria Dieguez, OM
South Lake Primary Care
Dr. William Funk portrait

"Aledade’s technology alerts me when my patients are seen in the ED or hospital. That information is invaluable in ensuring those patients get the follow up care they need to stay healthy and avoid readmissions. With this information at my finger¬tips, I finally know what’s happening outside of the four walls of my office, and that’s incredibly powerful."

Dr. William Funk
William B. Funk, M.D., PA

"With the current challenges in utilizing population health data within clinical practice, we were looking for a partner who could not only assist with best practices but give us the technical support needed to properly manage our population. Aledade has shown us that they can be that partner to assist us in the delivery of high-quality healthcare to our community in an efficient and cost-effective manner."

Dr. Rajiv Dua
Centennial Medical Group

"The data analytics have helped us to implement better care for our patients. I cannot imagine practicing without Aledade’s data. We now have information about the quality of our patients’ subspecialty care, thus we can help them make informed decisions about their future. The practice support has been responsive and flexible for all types of integration issues."

Dr. Susan Chiarito
Mission Primary Care Clinic
Dr. Lee Fleischer

"The Aledade App has been pretty awesome. With the App we've been able to get a lot more information on our patients which has enabled us to prioritize the high-risk patients which is very important. It has really enabled us to go a lot farther than we've ever been able to go before. At the end of the day, it's helping us take a lot better care of our patients. Getting involved has been an excellent step for my practice."

Dr. Lee Fleischer
Prime Health Network
Dr. Holly Dahlman portrait

"Aledade has tools to help us identify who our high-risk patients are, and that will help us to focus our energy on the patients who need us the most."

Dr. Holly Dahlman
Green Spring Internal Medicine, LLC