Community Health Centers
  • Access the Tools and Support to Help Your Community Thrive

Aledade’s ACOs empower your Community Health Center with enhanced resources and technical and care management support to help you more effectively care for your patients while discovering additional revenue to reinvest in your community.

  • Sustainable Funding & Revenue
  • Unlock Data
  • Operational Support
Is long-term sustainability a critical focus for your Health Center?

Aledade’s ACOs help you maximize existing payer-driven, quality-based incentive programs and grant-funded strategies with more access to patient data, ensuring you can practice value-based care while enhancing workflows and reducing administrative burdens.

Is your Health Center working to coordinate care across a large, high-risk patient population?

Aledade’s population health app delivers external payer data and insights so you can focus on reducing health disparities and prioritizing your patients’ care. 

The Aledade App can increase visibility into your patients' activity outside of the four walls of your office - including emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Are operational complexities impeding your efforts to care for your patients?

Aledade offers experienced guidance on clinical and business operations, helping you synthesize workflows across patient panels, reduce duplicative medical services, and decrease potential medical errors, all while simplifying care for your patients.

Health Centers Succeed with Aledade
Community Health Centers in Aledade ACOs

Aledade currently partners with 115 community health centers in 14 ACOs across 16 states.

Average Payout for CHCs in 2021

Aledade distributed an average of $196k per Health Center for their success in the Medicare Shared Savings Program for the 2021 performance year. 

Total Medicare Savings in 2021

In the 2021 performance year, Aledade's Health Center-specific ACOs saved Medicare $22 million. 

Learn More about How Aledade Can Help Your Clinic

The health care landscape is changing, and for clinicians working in health centers, those changes can be daunting - especially when you just want to focus on providing the best care for your patients. 

Aledade is a partner that provides personalized, on-the-ground support and provides access to the right data at the right time

Learn how we can help your health center thrive in value-based care!

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