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In 2019, Aledade’s Arkansas 2017 ACO (Aledade Arkansas ACO, LLC) demonstrated remarkable performance. The ACO, encompassing 13 unique practices in Arkansas with approximately 12,700 assigned beneficiaries, is projected to have saved Medicare roughly $4 million, resulting in approximately $1 million for the ACO's physician participants.

*Past performance may not be indicative of future results. 

Key Statistics in Arkansas
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What Providers in Arkansas are Saying About Aledade
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I joined an ACO as a solo practitioner in order to prepare and educate myself for the coming changes in Healthcare. I was impressed with Aledade’s commitment to putting physicians first in regard to the direction and focus of the ACO. Change in the delivery and management of healthcare is coming for all physicians, whether we like it or not. A well managed ACO can become a powerful ally for physicians as they adjust to these changes and learn new ways to provide better outcomes for their patients.

Dr. Shawn Purifoy
Shawn Purifoy, MD
Malvern, AR
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