The Aledade Analyst Program

The Aledade Analyst Program is designed and guided by Aledade’s Leadership Team. Analysts take part in substantive, hands-on projects that foster an understanding of operations at Aledade, a fast-growing Series B-2 startup.

Opportunity for career growth

The program allows young professionals to learn about various aspects of the company’s business operations, as well as how to successfully operate in a professional environment. Team-based learning and peer support are central components of the Aledade Analyst Program. As a growing company, Aledade offers recent graduates and young professionals the opportunity to advance their skill sets with increasing responsibilities over time.

Join the company as Associate Analysts

Recent college graduates are encouraged to join the company as Associate Analysts. They will have the opportunity to be promoted to Analyst and Senior Analyst by demonstrating competence in areas such as project management, stakeholder engagement, problem-solving, and communication. Young professionals with more work experience are encouraged to apply for Analyst and Senior Analyst roles and will have the opportunity to be promoted to other roles in the company.

Leadership team dedicated to helping you launch your career

Each analyst will become an independent contributing member of the Aledade team. In addition, analysts gain a high degree of exposure to management and decision-making processes through participation in leadership meetings and one-on-one time with Aledade executives and team leads.

Analyst Job Categories

Analysts are dedicated to one primary team. They will have the opportunity to collaborate across teams at the discretion of their manager. All Aledade teams work closely together. Analysts can grow within the role and are also encouraged to apply to open positions on the following teams based on their own interests as well as the current needs at Aledade:

  • Business Development
  • Business Operations (Human Resources, Finance, Legal, Marketing)
  • Provider Networks (Practice Transformation, Implementation, ACO Board Management)
  • Outreach 
  • Policy
  • Clinical (Evidence-Based Medicine, Quality Improvement, Patient Engagement)
  • Product
  • Adoption (Training, Practice Success, Implementation)
  • Business Intelligence
  • Impact Analytics 
Analyst Meetings
  • Lead a meeting on the topic of your choice to engage other analysts in collaborative learning sessions (e.g. Excel workshop, presentation on the opioid epidemic, journal club)
  • Present project updates and deliverables to other analysts
  • Develop resources and training materials for future analysts 
  • Attend guest lectures from senior Aledade employees
  • Troubleshoot roadblocks and questions other analysts are facing
Analyst Opportunities
  • Receive mentoring by leaders across Aledade who are dedicated to helping analysts grow professionally 
  • Visit a practice or attend a board meeting
  • Attend national conferences
  • Participate in professional development sessions and develop both hard and soft skills 
  • Participate in recruiting the next class of Aledade Analyst
Criteria for Aledade Analysts
  • Applicants must have earned an undergraduate degree before starting, ideally in business management, health policy, health care management, health services, biology, or public health, though all majors will be considered.
  • Aledade is a company with an exciting, fast-paced environment. For this position, we are looking for a candidate who is energetic, adaptable, and a team player.
  • See specific roles for more exact criteria